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Extra Fluffy Blueberry Almond Pancakes (Sweet Peas & Saffron)



*goes a few hours without internet access* wow i’m so healthy and wild i could live in the woods


Sunset in Orlando

At the end of the second If I Stay trailer we could see some of the artists featured on If I Stay’s Official Soundtrack, and now, Amazon has got the full list!!! There’s also a new song from Willamette Stone, called “Today” that Warner Bros hasn’t revealed yet, and we can’t wait to hear!! You can listen previews of their other songs, here. Tom Odell also made a different version of his song Heal for the movie. Pre-order it here! Out 8/19.

1. Who Needs You (The Orwells)2. Until We Get There (Lucius)3. I Want What You Have (Willamette Stone)4. All of Me (Tanlines)5. Promise (Ben Howard)6. Never Coming Down (Willamette Stone)7. Halo (Ane Brun & Linnéa Olsson)8. I Will Be There (Odessa)9. Mind (Willamette Stone)10. Morning (Beck)11. Karen Revisited (Sonic Youth)12. Today (Willamette Stone)13. Heart Like Yours (Willamette Stone)14. Heal (If I Stay Version) (Tom Odell)

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